A life in a blow (2011)

Chronology (1990-2010)

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A life in a blow (2011) Artwork series



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Paintings inspired by the homonymous Crisafulli's noir novel (Statement)

The last two letters I typed on my computer to finish the noir "A life in a blow"     were a “Y and then a period”. From that moment on, as has been my habit for    some years,  a strange and inevitable sensation has fallen over me, like when a    loved one goes missing, and it happens every time I finish one of my stories. In     this one in particular, after that “Y and that final period,” I knew that I would have suffered from the absence of Luisa, Carlos, Daniela and Angelica, the four main characters in this journey. And how could I not think about them, after having passed entire days reflecting on the foibles, the nervous tics and the sweetest side of each of these beings? After a while it was as if they came to life. But compared to previous times, something different happened. I reacted: a kind of enlightenment pervaded my mind, as somewhat happened to Angelica. Everything happened as fast as lightening, maybe in a couple of seconds. It came to me that I had to create a series of paintings inspired by all these ‘friends’ of mine still trapped in the ink. The canvas would allow me to revive them, a bit like when we look at those photos lying on the desk taken  of friends that we cannot see anymore, perhaps because they live on the other side of the world. A cathartic experience that has resulted in a series of paintings with a mixed technique entitled like this story. Now ‘A life in a blow’ has become a story and an art exhibition. Reacting in  hard times is the right attitude, as well as being extraordinary